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"Dreamland was built on passion, quality and a beautiful aesthetic and we chose WowMakers as they reflected those qualities in their videos. Their dedication to the project was admirable and true to their name, they delivered a stylish, high quality live video that reached a wider audience, who then visited Dreamland."

Mr Shaji Director


Dreamland logo

Dreamland Adventures began life as Dreamland Spice Park, a place where tourists could take in the aromas of various spices in the midst of a tea plantation in the beautiful hills of Munnar. Once they had added an amusement park to the Dreamland Spice Park, they realized that a new adventure park had opened a few kilometers away in a more central part of Munnar.

Dreamland overview

Dreamland had tied up with cab drivers in and around Munnar and on an incentive basis they had handed out brochures to them. While this was effective, it was an old-school method and Dreamland needed to modernize their approach. This is when Dreamland came to us. They wanted us to make a Live action video of the park so that they could share it online and with people, showing them all that the park had to offer, knowing that most people love to take a break from their hectic schedule to visit a hill station. This was just one more reason to choose Munnar for a holiday.

What the client wanted

Dreamland’s owner, Mr. Shaji, approached us with the idea of making a promotional video for the park. When he elaborated his needs, we realized that along with the promotional video, a complete rebranding of the company was needed. An online presence was also necessary in this day and age to ensure the reach required to increase foot traffic to the park.

Dreamland Polaris


Our first challenge was rebranding Dreamland so that visitors would have a sense of excitement and not associate it with something like a stroll in the woods.

Dreamland Logo Compare

Secondly, while they already had a ton of fun outdoor and adventure activities, we knew we had to increase the variety of outdoor sports and activities provided, if Dreamland had to be the best adventure park in South India.


Next, we knew that along with a video we had to revamp the entire publicity section by ensuring that people knew what they would be able to experience. We faced quite a few challenges when it came to the video section in terms of accessibility and camera placements and angles because Dreamland was situated in a beautiful, dense forest.

What we did (and how we did it)

Dreamland Logo Formation

As seen in the logo of Dreamland Adventures, we decided to incorporate the various activities that they had in the park and activities that stay in the visitors’ memory, therefore making a connection with them. Munnar is a hill station, one of the better-known hill stations in South India and the most popular one in Kerala.

Therefore, incorporating the hills into the design made perfect sense from a design standpoint. In this logo, the hills represented a sense of adventure and the fact that the location was on top of a hill. The logo was created in such a way that the activities shown in the logo looked like a part of it – the ATV riding on rocky terrain, the rock climbers scaling the hill and the cyclist riding.

Dreamland Logo Inspiration

For the rides and other adventure sports and fun games, we took inspiration from the best adventure parks both in India and abroad. As a result of our suggestions and the creative freedom that was given to us by the management, Dreamland now has over 26 different adventure sports and activities that cater to children, adults and families.

Dreamland Trampoline

The most challenging thing for us was the promotional video. We took three separate trips to visit the park. First, we took a trip before we started any of our branding work to look at the place and have a feel of the environment and all the activities that they had up until that point. This provided us with an overview and a basic blueprint that we could then improve upon and provide suggestions with.

Once we started with the branding and the logo design, we sent a team to scout the location to establish shots and assess the area so we knew the kind of gear we had to bring when we finally came for the shoot.

Dreamland Poster

While the branding was done and we were bringing out all the peripherals like business cards, letterheads, t-shirts and so on, we went ahead with the video shoot. Since the park was situated in a heavily wooded area with a massive green cover overhead, it was difficult to show the park in its entirety. To counter this, we used a drone to capture aerial footage and the results speak for themselves. We also used an array of professional cameras and action cameras to provide slow-motion and point of view (POV) footage.

Dreamland Meltdown

All this culminated in a promotional video that showed viewers what they could expect once they came to Dreamland. Because we spent a considerable amount of time shooting there, we decided to throw in some still photos that were captured in between and during takes.

Dreamland ATV

These photos were provided to the client, even though they weren’t included in the overall package. These photos are now a part of their online branding. To ensure that they had good online visibility we also created a website for them and handed it over.


Dreamland Logo Animation

The top-to-bottom company overhaul in terms of branding for Dreamland Adventures was instrumental in helping them shift from the old-school approach of handing out brochures to a more modern method.

Dreamland Brochure

While the promotional video was seen by many and shared many times, the rebranding exercise saw Dreamland achieve a professional look that complemented their upgraded infrastructure and market positioning. More people started coming as the adventure sports and recreation experience that they provided was amongst the best in India. Add to that a beautiful jungle hilltop and a tea plantation and it was a perfect place for a day out with the whole family as well.

Dreamland Meltdown

The pros of a good design and a catchy logo are very important and this showed us just how much. A good brand identity builds trust with the viewer, converting them into a customer. The video had a polished look and feel to it, therefore viewers connected it to Dreamland and it gave them a sense that Dreamland does everything professionally. The drone footage coupled with footage of all the different outdoor and adventure sports and activities, showing adults and children and families having a really fun time connected with the viewers a lot more than the earlier brochure system that Dreamland employed. Keeping up with the times is important and the video showed that. After all an audio visual format like a promotional video will have a greater impact than a still image with some information like a brochure. A video can also be shared with a much larger audience. In this way many more people got to know about Dreamland Adventures and all that it has to offer.

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