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22 Awesome Websites to Find Royalty Free Background Music for Video Content

best websites to find background music for video content

The constant improvement and changes in marketing strategies have given a boost to marketers and brands to enhance their marketing efforts further. This notion has led to the boost of video content on social media platforms since the video has the potential to drive credible results. According to Vidyard, over 41% of the traffic is generated through video content and that justifies the power of video content as a reliable marketing tool.
However, knowing these facts alone is not enough for the production of a quality video. While the visuals and aesthetics matter the most but so does the use of correct music or audio tracks.

Looking for the best video animation company out there would lead you to the creation of animated content but for the background music, we have compiled some reliable and authentic online platforms for both free and paid royalty-free music tracks.

Free Online Platforms for Background Music

  1. Incompetech

    Having a diverse collection of royalty-free music and audio tracks, Incompetech allows you to gain access to free music of different genres. The only requisite to using the available tracks is to give the credits on the platform or video you have used the audio, while the Standard License can be used where attribution is not needed. Along with checking the audio files before you download, you can even donate to the site on Patreon.
  2. Audionautix

    A free online music platform, Audionautix has audio tracks and music files that are provided by a number of credible web resources. The music directory is classified according to different genres, tempos and the sort of mood you want the song to have. You can download the content without any charges but you have to give credit where due.
  3. PacDV 

    PacDV has a detailed directory of free sound effects that range from music tracks to vocal sound effects. You can listen to your chosen track before downloading and the royalty-free music available on the platform can be used for animators, developers, and even students. The only condition PacDV has is that you cannot sell the license to external sources without proper attribution to the rightful owner.
  4. CCmixter

    CCMixter currently holds access to over 1 million music tracks for films, animations, and even games. You can both upload your work and find music at the platform but it comes with three different license options. CCmixter has a full CC license option for commercial projects with credits to the owners, for non-commercial projects with credits and the third one has a royalty-free fee but contains no restrictions.
  5. Free Music Archive

    This site allows you to acquire access to quality audio files and music tracks that you can use in different forms of digital content. Free Music Archive itself is a dedicated platform for both the professional and new artists to share their work in a public space. The platform has open access to everyone but special permission is required if you want to further edit or upload audio content. The tracks are classified in different types and the ones in the public domain category are allowed for commercial use.
  6. Taketones

    If you are looking for free and lifetime music licenses then Taketones is the right platform. However, it does ask for attributions and you would need to give credits to the website in your video content or description. The music tracks and files are categorized based on genres, instruments, and moods but the content and tracks are only free to download after you have purchased the website’s music license.
  7. EDM Royalty Free

    EDM Royalty Free lets you use Creative Commons music on personal video or animation projects without a cost but if you want tracks for commercial use then the website has three different types of licensing options. The music library is concisely classified in different genres such as EDM, Hip Hop and Corporate music categories. The free music license is only limited to personal use and it should contain the rightful credit to the artist.
  8. Gerrymusic

    A website solely dedicated to royalty free background music, Gerry music is a perfect find if you need background music for YouTube video content or any personal project of yours. The available tracks are royalty free but with simple licensing options, you can use premium background music in making marketing videos. It is not allowed to re-launch or sell the provided tracks on external websites or sources so make sure you are well versed about owner attribution.
  9. Netlabels

    Available at the Internet Archive, Netlabels consists of a wide collection of both downloadable and streamable audio content. The music files and tracks can be only downloaded for non-commercial use as this platform is based on a non-profit foundation. Independent artists produce the music on the site and in case of using their work; you need to give them credits.
  10. Freeplay Music

    Freeplay Music provides over 50,000 songs and free stock music that you can use in your YouTube videos. With a simplistic user interface, the tracks you choose for a personal license are free but if your intention were to use it for business purposes then you would need to purchase the site’s YouTube license. Once you have chosen the track, you will receive a detailed email about the available licenses and it makes the selection easier for you.

Paid Online Platforms for Background Music

  1. Jamendo

    Jamendo is a community-based music platform where new and independent artists can upload their work and collaborate with other artists out there. It does have a licensing option that contains stock music for commercial use but its main foundation is to legally provide music created by musicians and artists across the globe for free. That is done so under Creative Commons license and it allows you to share, download and support artists all at once.
  2. MagnaTune

    Containing over 20,000 audio tracks, Magnatune offers you a one-time purchase of its extensive music library for $299. The tracks and music files belong to various genres that come with a Creative Commons license. With the option of unlimited downloads, you can download your chosen files in any format of your choice. The website does not take credit to the content instead; musicians are paid 50% of the purchase price.
  3. Partners in Rhyme

    The online platform, Partners in Rhyme has been around since 1996 and it is made to provide animators, creators and media developers with royalty free music online. The website consists of unique and diversified lists of genres and you can easily navigate to the ones you intend to download. You simply have to select a track and proceed to the payment option window.
  4. Opsound

    A community-based platform that allows musicians and artists to share and collaborate, Opsound is surely worth a mention. The audio tracks can not only be downloaded and shared but musicians can also make remix versions out of the available tracks. The tracks are, however, licensed under Creative Commons so you have to avail the license before you download your desired music file. The permission from the creator is only required for commercial use while you can use the uploaded tracks for personal use.
  5. Audiojungle

    A royalty-free music platform, Audiojungle has audio tracks that simply start from $1. On this website, artists are given the opportunity to sell their music but in the form of royalty-free files. Every file you download is paid but once you are a part of the community, you get the option to download one track or song for free. This community-based platform contains numerous types of music genres so you will never run out of quality audio content.
  6. Bensound

    Bensound has the option of a free Creative Commons license option but it is recommended to opt for the paid license plans if you want better accessibility to the audio content. In the free license, your scope becomes limited as the tracks can be only used in YouTube videos or non-profit purposes but if you need background music for web advertising and marketing then the paid music licensing options are a better choice.
  7. Pond5

    Pond5 is a royalty-free music production platform that has music tracks and audio content in a highly detailed and intricate manner. Artists from across the world can connect to each other on a single platform and share their work to individuals and music producers alike. The website currently holds over 2000+ tracks belonging to different genres but only the standard license is free of cost. If you want a monthly or an annual membership for access to more content then you would have to purchase any of the two membership plans.
  8. Synkio

    If you want to acquire the right music for your animation, YouTube video and games then you can rely on Synkio. This platform lets you find royalty-free yet quality music and audio content for no matter what your concern or need is. From individuals to marketing agencies, every sort of professional out there is using Synkio. You have to select your tracks and then purchase it without any hidden charges or requirements.
  9. PremiumBeat

    Carefully curated royalty-free music content from the experts, PremiumBeat has every sort of genre and music category you are looking for. This platform holds numerous exclusive and quality tracks that are created by music professionals. The license plans are divided into Standard and Premium but in turn, you acquire quality audio content for your project.
  10. Audiosocket

    Audiosocket is an online platform where you can discover and avail the license to curated music. Creative musicians and artists across the world can share their work and classify them into categories based on genres, themes, and moods. As for Audiosocket’s licenses, it depends upon the content you are making. The personal license costs $5 but it has limited options and features. If you want broader and more diverse options then the Professional and Custom pricing plans can be availed.
  11. Artlist

    Artlist is an online music platform for artists by the artist around the world. We will get premium royalty free music for any kind of videos. And also it can also suggest music that fits the mood if we choose the mood we want to create in our video. You will get full access to artlist platform for 16.6$ per month(billed annually)
  12. Epidemicsound

    Epidemicsound is a premium web service that provides quality soundtracks for individuals and businesses. Their pricing starts for $15 per month for single users and $149 for businesses. For a business package, we will get access to 30000 + music tracks with no copyright issues.
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