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16 Awesome Software To Make Explainer Videos 2021 [Updated]

Best softwares to make explainer videos in 2021

Explainer videos are a great way to easily convey ideas and deliver messages to your audience.
To put it in simple words, it can create ways for better user experience on websites and landing pages.

Needless to say, explainer videos go a long way because the power of visual graphics can instantly promote businesses and boost product conversions.

Here’s the list of the best explainer video software to create compelling animated videos and improve your marketing.

Tools For Creating 2D Animations

Here’s the quick list so that you can jump to them.

Just like the term says, 2D animations are those videos with 2 dimensional designs and graphics. These online tools works well for it.

#1) PowToon

Enough with those boring Powerpoint presentations? PowToon is a free online software that lets you create cool animated videos.

They have some really good ready-made templates to produce high-quality animations. Their “drag and drop” really easy to use and without any technical knowledge.

#2) Wideo

This is not just another drag and drop explainer video software. This is my personal favourite right now.

With over 1300 images and 50+ music tracks, you can create full HD explainer videos at ease.

#3) Animaker

With 5 different video styles and 120 different types of animations, Animaker lets you make really beautiful explainer videos for your product. This Do-It-Yourself software is also to use.

Their typography & infographic template styles could be really useful for content marketers.

#4) GoAnimate (Now Vyond)

GoAnimate isn’t free, but it sure isn’t an ordinary animation editor as well. What’s so special about it?

This online animation tool is one of the fastest yet with professional output. I personally love their background setting and characters. Those templates are fun to watch and are highly converting for sure.

#5) Biteable

They claim to be “The World’s Simplest Video Maker”. Why do the stand out? Their light and minimal designs!

Biteable’s free version is more than enough to create awesome explainer videos. It lets you create HD quality videos and directly publish them to YouTube. But if you wanna remove their watermark or download the produced animation to your computer, you need a premium account. It’s $99 USD/year.

#6)  Animiz

This is a free drag and drop animation tool which can be downloaded and installed in windows and Mac desktops. It allows you to create all kinds of 2D animations and text-based animations.

The paid version of Animiz can provide you with lots of stock vectors, music tracks and other elements for animation. This tool is more useful for professionals or people who have exposure to video creation and editing. Animiz pricing starts from $29 for the standard plan.

#7) Renderforest

Renderforest is an all in one platform for your business.
From custom website builder to explainer video creation, Renderforest has got your back. One does not need high-level expertise to work on this platform as it has thousands of preset templates for all in any category of video creation (whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, animated presentations). It is free for videos that last up to one minute, if you are looking for videos without a ‘Renderforest’ watermark you have to choose a ‘lite’ plan for $ 7/ month in yearly subscription.

#8) Toonly

Toonly is also a desktop application for creating awesome videos and animations. But it is not free, you have to pay $20/month for an annual subscription. The major reason why Toonly stands out from other animation software is because of its simple interface and the ease with which one can create videos.

Above is a video created using toonly video maker

This tool was mainly built for creating social media videos, landing page videos, sales videos, Facebook advertising videos, etc

#9) Explaindio

Explaindio is also a desktop software for Windows and Mac operating systems. It provides a wide range of preset templates for animation and you can also create custom animations in it. Explaindio provides 200+ ready to use animated scenes along with 500+ doodle sketches. However, this software is not free. You have to pay a minimum of $37 for the basic creator version.

#10) Videomakerfx

Videomakerfx is a good catch for small businesses and social media marketers. Apart from other video creation software which has monthly or annually payment plans, this video maker comes with a one-time payment( $27) and you will get the full royalty videos without any kind of watermarks or other branding collaterals along with your created video.

And For Creating Whiteboard Animations:

Whiteboard videos work best for educational videos. It helps you to grab the attention of your audience and explain the idea to them or how things work. Take a look at these creative softwares below.

#11) RawShorts

If you’re looking for a DIY whiteboard animation creator, you should consider RawShorts first. What you’ll love about this software is their creative graphic templates across a lot of categories.

Its transitions and effects are really impressive too. Rawshorts will costs you $39/month if you opt for a basic annual plan.

#12) VideoScribe

Just like they claim, VideoScribe lets you create “Stunning, high-definition, whiteboard-style animation videos. And you can make whiteboard videos with no design or technical know-how”.

The thing I love the most about VideoScribe is that it lets you edit and make animated whiteboard videos using royalty-free images and music (over 1k of them). Customizing them wouldn’t get any easier too.

#13) MySimpleShow

Instead of a marker or a pen drawing in a whiteboard animation, imaging a hand dragging elements across the screen and swiping them away. That’s what MySimpleShow does.

MySimpleShow’s simple and powerful user interface.

Their light weight vector images and animated characters can help you to create interactive visual explainer videos.

#14) Moovly

Moovly lets you add your own audio clips and pictures that can be used to making your whiteboard animation. Isn’t that just super cool?

Its precise editing tools are something I’d personally suggest as well.

#15) Easy Sketch Pro

This isn’t a popular software (yet). But their whiteboard doodle software’s drag and drop interface is really easy to use.

#16) Explee (Last & Maybe The Least?)

Explee is a web app designed for creating super cool whiteboard animation videos without any hustle.  The platform is equipped with hundreds of illustrations and elements so you don’t have to search the web  for supporting elements(we can add external elements if we need). Like most of the other online software Explee also comes with a 14 days trial period. Using the free trial account you can create videos and play it on the web player(can’t download video), To start working on Explee you need a PC or MAC with a decent configuration and a stable internet connection to run the app smoothly (check out the system requirements and pricing plans here).

And Here are Some Bonus Do It Yourself(DIY) Video Tools For You:


With this tool, you can create engaging videos from articles. All you need to do is highlight the most important text from the content and click the magic button.
Check out this video created using Lumen5


InVideo is a platform to create awesome videos and achieve brilliant things. The tool that transforms your stories into dynamic videos is not only free but also super easy to use. Simply choose from over 1200 templates designed by experts and give it your own spin. To make the process easier and the outcome better, InVideo’s got IVA- Your go-to stylist for videos. From text and images to alignment and colors, the Intelligent Video assistant (IVA) covers all and sculpts your videos to perfection.

YouTube Intro Maker

Good news for unversed YouTube video creators. Canva is rolling out a simple tool for creating intro videos for your YouTube channels. And there are lots of free templates that you can use to create good looking intros in no time.

Over To You

The video revolution is here. If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you understand why keeping the pace up with current marketing strategies is important for any business, product or startup.

Obviously, explainer videos are one the best way to increase your ROI and get your target audience to take actions. But, if your company is trying to keep the expense down or doesn’t have a budget that you decided to choose these DIY tools, I’m sorry to break it to you that it’s not the wisest one you’re going to make.

While these software and free online tools give you a lot of features and templates, you’ll not be having full control over the video or output the script the way you want to so that you can convert your customers into buyers.

That’s where we come in. We are a UX design studio that produces professional and highly compelling videos. We’ll help tell your story with a great explainer video. And we’ll certainly make you go wow.

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