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Corporate Video Services That We Offer

Here are the types of videos that we produce.

Live Action

What's a better way than using a live shot video to explain your complex stuff? Let's produce a professional corporate video for your business.

Product Demos

Do you need to promote your software/app with a sexy demo video? Let’s make your product look compelling with a live action video.

Testimonial Videos

You know your potential customers would love to see some actual social proof before buying. Get yourself a testimonial video from your clients to increase conversions.

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Let’s Talk

Tell us about your product/business and the purpose of the video. We’ll help you figure out the kinda video you want and get it done in no time.


What do you charge for your live video services? The rate of the project will depend on a lot of factors like the resources, effort, time and further cost to be put in it. Our usual project pricing could come anywhere around Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 30 Lakh.

Why Choose WowMakers?

Design & creative videography is in the production team’s blood. We make corporate videos in the best possible ways to help your brand grow.
If you’re looking for a company to make your live video in Bangalore, hit the contact button right away.

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