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How To Do Video Marketing On A Low Budget

Budget of a video marketing

If you’re reading this you probably already know that videos are the most effective marketing tool to have in your arsenal in 2017. Businesses use videos to capture the consumer’s eye wherever they are online, via social media, email marketing, tutorials, website content to even vlogs.

However, we often find ourselves short on budget to create our dream marketing campaigns. So we search for the few affordable resources that also deliver results.

But does an inexpensive strategy or a low-cost video always mean a loss in quality?

Here, we’ll go through how to create a marketing video on a low budget.

We’re going to give you a video production breakdown so you learn the key techniques to achieve the same standards set by the best explainer videos out there:

#1: A Compelling Script (Or You’ll Lose)

Your goal is to create optimum levels of consumer engagement and shareability through this activity.

Videos can spark strong emotions in the viewer. And people are inspired to take action based on emotion and not fact. So spend some time with this process.

Brainstorm with your team and list down all elements you want to be included in the script. Filter then and flesh them out. Your list may include a key message, brand values/identity, whether you have a strong or subtle CTA and where to position it, highlights of product/service.

When writing your script (shorter is always sweeter), it’s important to remember that every word counts. The first 10 seconds of your video will buy you the viewer’s attention for the next 10 and so on.

Dollar Shave Club is a great example of an excellent script. The video production cost stayed as low as $4500 whereas such a live-action video usually cost somewhere around $50,000. Today, that video has more than 23 million views.

#2: DIY Animation (If You Aren’t Too Lazy)

Animated explainer videos are all the rage for businesses these days. They are aesthetically stimulating, you can explain concepts more effectively without the limitations of a live action video.

The primary types of animated videos:

Based on format:

  • 2D Animated.
  • 3D Animated.

Based on approach:

  • Character based approach.
  • Object based approach.

There are plenty of low-cost applications and tools to make a video easily.

Lou Bortone, a leading video marketing consultant, suggests VideoScribe ($25/month) for whiteboard-style sketch videos and (free) for detailed 2D-style animation.

Check out some of the free or affordable tools for video creation we have listed out on our best explainer video software list.

#3: Rent Equipment (For Some Real Action)

If you decide to go the live action route to get your message across, you may start looking for discounted video cameras and lighting equipment.

Rent the recording equipment instead, there are numerous rental companies out there who offer great equipment at low prices.

Does anybody in your company have an iPhone? No joke, people, iPhone and some Android cameras can maketh the camera. The video quality works fine if you can navigate it appropriately. All you need to get is a tripod and a plain backdrop and you are good to go.

Unless you want your video to make James Cameron look like a joke.

Tutorial: How to shoot a video with an iPhone (by Wistia)

#4: Professional Actors (Or Maybe Not)

I say nay. You already have a bunch of enthusiastic and animated characters in your own organization, there’s your cast! There’s bound to be one or two with the acting bug amongst them.

Having your own team members talk about your organization shows the world exactly who you are. It shows the world that you are genuine and builds trust in your audience.

Besides, who better to talk about your brand than its people? Have your experts share what they do best and create resourceful and informative videos.

But if you feel that hiring actors are absolutely necessary, don’t go straight to talent agencies. Put an ad out to student actors.There are a plenty of amateurs out there with a lot of talent just waiting for the next gig. This could save you a lot of dough.

#5: Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere or Avid video editing software might be the most professionals software out there.

But if you don’t want to spend hours learning how to use them and spending a lot of money buying them, the better software option is the one that’s already on your computer.

For Macs, iMovie is a great option and for PCs Windows Movie Maker is amazing. They’re specifically made to be user-friendly and have all the applications you need to render your film.

If you are completely new to the world of editing and have no prior experience – YouTube is your friend. You could find a lot of valuable and valuable tutorials about video editing software.

Over To You

If you’re looking to hire an explainer video company at an affordable cost, check out our whiteboard video production service. We’ll help you to convey messages and explain your product in the best way possible.

So there you have it. You don’t need a million dollars to make a video that’s worth a million dollars. Unleash the budding director within you and remember that making videos can be fun and done on a small budget. Make it light, make it simple and make it engaging.