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Making BFC the trusted choice in Money transfer, Currency exchange and Bill payments.

The BFC Pay app is an intuitive and trustworthy payment app based out of Bahrain. The app is one of the select few that offers the users a gateway to transfer their money, pay their bills, and avail currency exchange services.

BFC Payments UX/UI Case study mobile screen
Project Duration

6 months



Project Owner

BFC Payments

Project Overview

Our UX design team started off with thorough research to better understand gaps and pain points in the market. The objective was not just to create an application that was restricted to payment but also to suit the unique, evolving needs of the users. Later, both the team and the stakeholders went through key elements of the design framework to identify challenges, provide new solutions and leave room for innovation. Over the course of 2 months, we were able to develop an app that is equally usable for tech savvies and luddites.

Smooth onboarding to kick the speed up a notch

BFC Pay app offers an instinctive user interface to the customers.

The goal was to make the app as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible. All users had to do was type in their CPR number, enter OTP and set their PIN to start using the application.

Adding money to Wallet now takes only 3 steps

We moved all the important functions to the Wallet screen so that users have all the necessary information available from the beginning. This in turn achieved BFC’s goal of speeding up the application.

Managing multi-currency travel cards became effortless

Users can generate and link existing cards without much hassle in the BFC Pay app.

We designed the interface in such a way that users can quickly identify if their cards are active or inactive.

Ensured a super-easy flow in the Multi-Currency card management system

The interface saved a lot of time and removed confusion by informing users about the exact details of their accounts. This was achieved with a dashboard feature that made it super easy to switch between multiple currencies.

BFC Payments Case studies Wireframe

Withdrawing money from the wallet is just as easy as adding money.

Users can view their BFC wallet account and make the withdrawal, in just 2 steps.

BFC Payments Case studies Wireframe

Colors and Iconography that goes in hand with the BFC brand identity.

Our designers took reference from BFC brand guidelines and adopted the color theme, typography, illustrations and iconography that stayed true to the BFC brand. The stakeholders were also very particular when it came to the look and feel of the app during the initial brief. Our visual designers developed the UI designs and Design System based on these valuable insights.

Color Scheme

BFC Payments Color Scheme


BFC Payments Color Scheme
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