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When the Kaar Tech team approached us with a requirement for an explainer video for their dream product KEBS, we knew we had huge scope for some exploration.

To get the ball rolling, we needed an in-depth understanding of the product, how it works, the benefits they have in store, and what they are looking to convey through the video. The Kaar Tech team filled up our detailed questionnaire containing questions that would help us gain a better understanding of every aspect of the project. We also had briefing calls that further gave us a birds-eye view of their expectations.

KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers

Understanding the project

Now, some context about the project and the product - The main objective for the video was to create awareness about KEBS, how it works and urge the audience to choose KEBS to build their business. KEBS, short for Kaar Enterprise Business Suite, is a work OS that manages all the business operations in a single platform. KEBS focuses on managing the end-to-end business operation seamlessly by bringing fragmented work into one software, with templates made for all departments to quickly adapt and execute. On that note, the video targets startups and small and medium-sized businesses.

KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers

Building a strong storyline

Once we had a clear understanding of their requirements and their product, we jumped head-first into crafting a few strong concepts that would help us convey the message in a comprehensive way.

We thought a problem-solution approach would be well suited for the video and we put together a storyline that went along the same line. One of the concepts we delivered narrated the story of a CXO-level executive who is trying to scale the business and a bunch of frustrated employees who are finding it difficult to have a seamless workflow due to the fragmentation of work.

Once the problem was established, the concept further introduced KEBS as a solution that can bring together all departments on the same page, thereby helping the employees have an uninterrupted workflow. The client preferred this approach and gave us a go, as it aligned with what they wanted to convey. We then started with the scripting process.

The concept was broken down into visuals and a voiceover, so as to bring more structure to the story. The voiceover was written maintaining a conversational tone, by breaking down how KEBS makes work easy for businesses. We made sure to incorporate the client feedback in every stage of the project so that we create something that is aligned with their vision.

KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers

Planning the visuals

The client approved the script, and we went ahead with storyboarding which is a pictorial representation of the script that would help the client visualize the flow of the video in a better way. At this stage, we planned what the frames should look like. As the video was meant to target startups and SMEs at the same time, the frames had to have a perfect balance. We planned the character designs in such a way that while they looked unique and different, they did not look too formal or too casual, but somewhere in the middle so that the video would cater to both levels of business in terms of connecting with the characters.

KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers
KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers

The visuals were planned in such a way that they enhanced the message delivery in an easily understandable and connectable way, rather than just serving as mere representations. One such example is that we decided to go for an Isometric style to show the departments getting fragmented, and then coming together after the introduction of KEBS. This helped the viewers get a birds-eye view of about KEBS can bring the fragmented departments together.

Following this, we started with the Illustration phase where the rough sketches took form and transformed into neatly drawn frames. As the concept focused on how adversely a fragmented workflow was affecting the employees, the Illustrators made sure to visually portray the emotions that the employees went through - confused, frustrated, burnt out, and then relieved and happy when things fall in place for them through KEBS. The end result was a bunch of style frames that portrayed the vibrancy and hustle and bustle of office space, along with the reaction of the employees to certain situations.

KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers
KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers

Getting the frames in motion

Now that the style frames were ready, our Animators put their heart and soul into making the video an exciting one. The way the style frames would get animated would make a big difference, and they did their best in breathing life into the still frames.

The video now needed an attractive voiceover that would leverage its beauty. We picked a voiceover artist who we believed would deliver the right intonation and accent that deemed fit with the client's requirements. To make the video more captivating, a piece of appealing music and SFX effects were added to the background.

KEBS Explainer Video Case Study | WowMakers


The end result was a compelling video that looked and sounded good, and comprehensive in terms of delivering the intended message. The video was successful in garnering client satisfaction as it helped them launch their product and spread the word effectively. The project gave us ample scope to experiment and give our best while adding one more amazing video to the list of our best works.

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