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Best Explainer Videos That Can Simplify Cryptocurrency and Blockchain [14 Live Examples]

Block chain and cryptocurrency simplified using explainer video

The Cryptocurrency industry is consistently growing and it is even more complex than you imagine. Even the competition within the industry is as complicated as the technology responsible for it. There are new conversion portals, trading platforms and ICO’s, continuously being launching around the world.

As the Blockchain market is booming, more newcomers from the non-tech-savvy side are becoming interested in this technology. Cryptocurrency companies in the industry find it a challenge to present their complex services to the layman.

However, now with an explainer video, the complexity of cryptocurrency is a thing of the past.

But how can explainer videos simplify complex concepts?

  • Explainer video provides a viewer-friendly description of complex innovations and subjects
  • The colorful animation can help the layman understand concepts behind products and technologies
  • It simplifies complicated industry related jargon and makes them easier to comprehend
  • The eye-catching video content is useful to reach a wider market of interested users and increase the consumer base.

Check out some of the benefits of animated explainer videos.

And how do explainer video services benefit the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry?

Converts website visitors into investors

In the world of cryptocurrency, many people browse for new ICO’s websites and portals such as exchange, mining and trading platforms, to seek an investment with good benefits. Using an animated explainer video, you can easily explain the stages and process involved in your ICO investment and convince visitors to take the next step.

Spark Excitement to your ICO’s

People tend to believe only what they see. They are usually reluctant to invest or pay if they are not completely convinced. Show what your cryptocurrency offers to people and you’d be surprised at the number of converts you get. 9 out of 10 people state that watching a product video helps them decide whether or not spend money on the product. Around 73% of people who watch explainer videos about cryptocurrency purchase the product after seeing it.

Establish a strong online presence

Most of the cryptocurrency start-ups don’t obtain much traction because they allocate their resources into building their presence in the wrong place. A wiser method would be to conduct a good amount of research before starting any marketing campaign. Animated explainer videos are multi-platform tools with amazing ROI which can be used on any internet marketing platform.

Top 13 explainer video of Cryptocurrency and blockchain

Many good explainer videos are not more than 3 minutes long. The videos shown below talk not only about blockchain and cryptocurrency but other aspects of the industry as well. Here are the top 13 explainer videos best suited for the layman.

  1. Bloomberg

The 60s style graphics and its colorful icon-led animation are both serious and attention-grabbing. The content is easy to understand and so matter of fact that it delves into the issue of the utilization or blockchain technology and cryptocurrency regulation in an engaging way. Keeping the attention of the viewer while communicating such complex subjects is an achievement indeed.

  1. The Guardian

Ripple was established in 2013 as one of the early rivals of Bitcoin. Their video’s subtle illusion and simple 2D iconography is a clever way to introduce cryptocurrency benefits to users. You can see a significant change in color and tone when the video starts talking about their cryptocurrency.

3. Joseph Lattimer

One of the complicated aspects of cryptocurrency is trying to understand the language. Joseph Lattimer manages to combine humour with excellent 3D/CG animation to make a video that is not only informative but entertaining as well. The animation is well textured, capturing the shape and shadowing movement, and surface reflection that could well compete with Pixar productions.

4.  Wondros

Inspired by a talk given by Julian Assange in 2014 at The Nantucket Project, this video is a collaboration between Wondros and Harbers Studios. It uses some cool Jean Michel Basquiat/ Keith Haring style tribal art animation.

The animation effects and the content highlight the philosophical aspects of cryptocurrency: no institutional interference, wealth creation and individual freedom.

  1. Duncan Elms

The video featuring cutting edge animation was released by Duncan Elms in 2013. It uses icon-led 3D graphics and has a whole corporate feel to it. It does a great job in explaining blockchain security and bitcoin mining, and in convincing visitors to become potential investors.

  1. BitcoinMining

The concept of ‘mining’ is one of the most complex subjects of cryptocurrency. Knowledge about mining is very important for a broader overview of Bitcoin.
This video explains in a very concise and clear manner, how Bitcoin mining works and how their technology can include the layman.

  1. Nintoons

This independent explainer video from Nintoons uses manga-style animation and does a great job of introducing viewers to Cryptocurrency basics. It also gives a brief history of Bitcoin, its pitfalls and benefits.

  1. Millioncoin

This beautiful video looks like a cross between a Piet Mondrian painting and Gasper Noe’s ‘Enter the Void’.

Polish startup-MillionCoin does a great job convincing viewers on how their currency can fill the many gaps in the cryptocurrency market.

  1. Ripple

Ripple was established in 2013 as one of the early rivals of Bitcoin. Their video’s subtle illusion and simple 2D iconography is a clever way to introduce cryptocurrency benefits to users. You can see a significant change in colour and tone when the video starts talking about their cryptocurrency.

  1. Coinlaunch

Coinlaunch released a video that is aimed towards venture capitalists, private investors, and stockbrokers, who seek exciting and new opportunities to make money. The animation looks professional and clean cut. The video’s content will certainly appeal to wealthy entrepreneurs.

  1. BeamWallet

Using Wreck-It-Ralph like characterization and bright color-driven graphics, BeamWallet convinces the viewer of more complex crypto-related concepts of ICO’s. The explainer video also emphasizes on eliminating the middleman and encourages potential investors to invest in ICO’s.

  1. Game Loot Network

Using blockchain technology, Game Loot Network has developed an ICO which can help Indie game developers earn enough money to create and market their product. The animation is clear and has a story like feel to it.

  1. DealBox

DealBox’s video is targeted towards an audience that has a fair knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency. It doesn’t hold back in using statistics and honestly outlines the negatives and positives of ICO investment.

  1. Nomidman

Nomidman is the worlds first blockchain powered trading platform. They created an explainer video on how their system can avoid the problems with middlemen in trading. The video has simplified the complex part of blockchain technology to easily understandable format for its users.

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