Product Overview

Nomidman is the world’s first autonomous peer to peer market hub powered by ethereum blockchain. It eliminates the middle man in transactions, offering a platform that has an environment of perfect competition with a number of industry firsts that help it stand out from the rest of the crowd

Nomidman came to us just as they were finishing up their product. They wanted us to help them bring awareness to their product by showing people the Nomidman ecosystem and all its amazing benefits. They were looking for a video and a reworking of their website. And this is what we came up with!


"Our videos had to convey the message that Nomidman’s creators envisioned. Any deviation could cause problems for their business."

Nomidman had revolutionary features but no way to show them to the world. They approached us with ideas to make longer videos and we convinced them that shorter ones worked better. Some of their ideas had to become reality through the video and that is where we came in.

This had to be tackled on two fronts – branding and publicity. We first had to streamline their branding across peripherals. Then we had to introduce Nomidman to the public via videos.


We created an overview video that introduced the viewers to Nomidman in a way that was relatable and understandable, essentially simplifying a complicated concept, to its bare bones. The second video was the explainer video and highlighted all their features which are important in their claim as the world’s first blockchain powered decentralized trading platform.


The website that we created was less of a revamp and more of a ground up effort. To streamline all their peripherals we ensured that the characters and the icons from the video were used to bring colour to their website and connect the videos to the website.

It eliminates the middle man in transactions, offering a platform that has an environment of perfect compitition

Mobile Design

The objective of Nomidman was to create the world’s number one decentralized peer to peer trading platform. For this we created a responsive mobile website that would enable buyers and sellers to access the platform anytime, anywhere.

Overview Video

The overview video would be the video that introduced Nomidman to viewers and potential users. This video would explain how the need for Nomidman arose and why it is the single best global decentralized trading platform in the world.

Explainer Video

The explainer video expanded on the overview video. As a slightly longer video, this was able to explain and go in to detail to show the viewers the many features that Nomidman has which make it the best trading platform in the marketplace.


Most animated videos that have characters are often driven by them. In this case the Nomidman platform was the focal point but we needed characters as part of the story. We created a new style that was simple yet quirky, something that wouldn’t stand out but seamlessly integrate itself into the video used in conjunction with the icons and movements.

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