How we championed ICICI bank in promoting their latest chatbot application





2D Explainer



The ICICI Careers Recruitment Chatbot uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to understand user queries and provide them with the best possible responses. The Chatbot is trained to answer user queries about career opportunities with ICICI Bank. With infinite employment-related search engines in the world, Recruitment chatbot is a breath of fresh air as it serves as an up-to-date source of information about careers in ICICI.


ICICI Bank is the largest private sector bank in India in terms of assets and the second-largest Indian bank in terms of assets and market capitalisation. ICICI is also listed as one of the Big Four banks of India along with State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank.


Since the turn of digital age, there have been many employment search engines catering to job opportunities across every industry. Due to this huge information pile, a career posting with ICICI would often fail to reach its applicant.

On that note, the notion of an on-the-clock, response-oriented recruitment chatbot from ICICI had to take matters into its own hands. Being a relatively new service, the chatbot with the help of an explainer video needed to educate a prospective user and inturn be considered as the most lucrative option.

The bank was home to a huge customer base of 37 million users. There was no dearth in challenges.

  • To come up with a much better attempt at clarifying the objective of the chatbot contrary to a readable version of the same.
  • To help the audience access information from pan India or any corner of the world.
  • To set up an easily shareable content that quickly explains the product and its benefits in a few minutes.
  • Retain customer attention and generate interest by having users develop a strong emotional connection to the brand.

An explainer video was by far the best solution to achieve the above mentioned key targets.

  • Chatbot was directed at millennials who would rather watch a video than read a content or browse on a website to find job openings.
  • A simulation of the chatbot needs to be shown so that customers are aware of the aesthetics and the functioning even before the download.
  • Establish the chatbot’s presence on Whatsapp, google assistant and Alexa.
  • The video needed to be used for investor pitching, and on the company website, e-mails or the app description page on Playstore.

Our Process

Our account executive establishes the first point of contact between the client and us.

A questionnaire was later sent to ICICI as it is done with all our new clients.


It has questions like:

These answers gave us important insight into the schematics of making an explainer video for ICICI and their large customer base. Our creative director then set up a meeting with the officials at ICICI to understand the brand and its specific needs for the video. After this stage, we agreed that a 2D animation explainer video would be the best choice. Soon after, we focused on sharing ideas and coming up with the general storyline and art direction for the video.


We believe that the key ingredient to a high quality video always lies in a good script.

Our creative director and scripting team tried to push all the right buttons to craft a script that delivers the correct message clearly and compellingly for the target audience, all based on the marketing goals.

The ideal target audience for recruitment chatbot were millennials. Therefore, we had to create an output that matched the expectations of the customer base.

In the table below you get a detailed rundown of our entire thought process during the scripting process.

What we wanted to do

How we did it

Why we did it like that

Tell a story the target audience could relate to

Our target audience was mainly tech-savvy millennials. Hence, our video revolved around the different scenes of their life.

We put them all together in a moving public transport to establish our target base in one go. And in doing so, we can better communicate our message to the target customers when we tie them to their daily life activities.

Highlight the customers pain points first

We wanted to highlight the fact that the information age has provided the world with all kinds of digital channels suited for any activity. The apparent dearth in the area of careers and its exploration were then brought into the spotlight.

With these highlighted pain points, the customers are reminded of the numerous opportunities to explore careers with ICICI in a much more fruitful manner. The viewers watching this scenario will be in a better position to value the solution.

Demonstrate how to use the chatbot and where it is available

We then went on to explain how the chatbot is available 24*7 on all digital channels, from whatsapp, web extensions, to google assistant & alexa.

We did a simulation or in better words, a preview of how the chatbot works so that the user will get an idea on how to use it.

Read the final script for the video.


We pry hard on the key elements of what makes the storyboard turn into our end goal: a cool explainer video. Frames, descriptions, voice-overs are the key elements that ultimately help a video gain prominence.

Read the final video storyboard here

Illustration and style frames

Once the storyboard is approved by the client, we forward it to the illustrators to create the characters and the digital universe they are in. The newly created illustrations then makeup the style frame for the explainer video. We made sure the ICICI Brand Colors were used extensively in the video to maintain brand consistency with the target audience.

ICICI Color Scheme

Explainer Video Color Scheme

All the while during character development we made sure that the characters looked and best represented the demographic, i.e. our target audience.

Character Cast:


The style frames are then forwarded to the animators who inspect and give life to all these frames.

We believe animated explainer videos are very effective as they help to cut through the noise to capture the attention of the viewer.

Another reason why we believe our animations are perfectly capable of arousing the viewer's attention are the transitions that make the video visually appealing.

In simple words, now the ideas and the functioning of the product will finally get a context to showcase its performance.

On top of that, sound effects are synced to the actions in the video. (Eg: Sound of vehicle, the sound of notifications received, the sound of typing on phone, etc.)

Background Music

In some of the cases, people recognize videos thanks to background music. Videos have animations and voice overs, but with the background music, one can surely strike the right chords with their target audience.

We are of the firm belief that a background score should be tailor-made just as it is with other elements in the video. This is the reason why we produced an original background score for Ipal chatbot.

However, a point to note: the choice of music should always be geared towards the narrative style.

There is another interesting revelation here. To enhance the emotional quotient of a viewer, we decided to switch onto more lively and encouraging music just after introducing Ipal in the video. This will enhance the value of the chatbot and its relevance to the viewer.

Music Before Introducing The Ipal App

The music at the beginning of the video is soft and has a monotonous aura to it. This encapsulates the mood of the scene, which is more about the pain points of the customers.

Music After Introducing The Ipal App

Once the Ipal app is introduced, the music picks up the tempo and is more optimistic. We wanted to convey with the music that the Ipal app was something to be thrilled about.

Voice Over

A voice-over gives an explainer video, the personality, vigor, feeling, and mood. For starters, it acts as a great source of filler with the opportunity to humanize the brand.

From our experience, we now have access to a vast pool of voice-over talents of different nationalities, accents, gender, age groups and voice tones.

Since ICICI is an Indian bank targeting Indian customers, we knew we had to use an Indian voice-over artist to better connect with the audience.

ICICI explainer video voice over


In each stage of the processes discussed above, we ask for client feedback so that they have a say in each and every aspect of the explainer video production process. If the client is not happy with something or if they want to include something more, we are more than happy to do whatever it takes to make the video better.


  1. YouTube: ICICI ran a Youtube ad campaign targeting their key market groups. With more than 107K subscribers, Youtube was an important channel to gain momentum.
  2. Facebook: They published it on their Facebook page and ran ad campaigns to promote it with their 5.4M followers.
  3. LinkedIn: The renowned employment-oriented service was more than an accessory to Chatbot’s core objectives. Since both the chatbot and LinkedIn shared similar operations when it came to getting people access to career objectives, a huge turnout was expected.


In Linkedin, the video reached a whopping 206346 people and was in fact a huge success on other social networking channels too.

Whereas in Facebook, it has reached 18.8K views within the first few weeks