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How to Educate Users by Combining Animation With Live-Action Videos

Animation and live action video combined to educate users

Live-action and animation videos are not new! People are combining these two different styles to make the videos more attractive and engaging. Using animated graphics combined with live-action videos are way more effective than animation videos or live-action videos.

This combination of video content not only allows you to attract visitors, engage them but also allows you to educate them about your product/services. Moreover, it will make your message more clear and exciting

Indeed, it’s not a cakewalk, but, by tailoring the needs, understanding the steps, and using it in the right way, you can easily create such amazing videos which will further leave a more lasting impression on the customers and add value to your business.

According to the statistics, videos help 92% of the people in learning the product or services more easily as compared to text. That’s why organizations are using different types of animations such as 2D animation videos, 3D animation, Stop motion animation, animation mixed with live-action, motion graphics, whiteboard animations, etc.

Different types of animations

Indeed, all the video types are productive, but animation mixed with live-action is gaining popularity.

Combining animation with live-action videos is able to showcase real-life situations, enhance the video effects by creating unique styles and compelling stories, increasing brand popularity, and many more.

Now that you understand why marketers are using this powerful combo of animation mixed with live-action. Let’s dive into this article to know how and where you can use such videos to achieve the goals.

How to use animation mixed with Live action videos

Well! There are various reasons for which you can use these videos. Some of them are as below:

#1 Used for brand awareness

Etihad Airways – Brand awareness commercial

Attracting visitors and creating brand awareness is one of the most common reasons to use videos. By creating such videos, you can easily make people know your company and how your product or service can actually help them resolve their issues.

Such videos have the potential to go viral as it is highly engaging, generates viewer’s emotions, and grabs the visitor’s interest. So, if you want to bring your story to life in a simple, attractive, and informative way, you can prefer combining animation with live-action videos.

#2 Used for better communication with the audience

Animation mixed with live-action videos is also used by organizations to better communicate with your audience. The way it explains the information keeps the viewers interested and educates them with the products.

TV commercial using animation combined with live video

Adding animation to live-action videos will add curiosity, intrigue, and humor which will further entice the viewers and help them understand the product, process, achievements, culture, highlights, etc. without putting much effort and time.

#3 Used to convert the visitor into a customer

Educating visitors to get converted into a customer is something challenging to accept. But by using animation mixed with live-action videos will make it effortless. Such videos will help the viewer retain the information for longer and help them realize it can benefit them from various solutions out there.

Hero bikes – Product explainer video

Now, you don’t have to worry about lead nurturing as animation mixed with live-action videos makes it easy.

#4 Used to provide deeper insight on product/service

Animation with live-action videos is also used by organizations in helping people in making a purchase. The way in which ideas are expressed in the video will provide the information according to the prospect’s area of interest.

Example of using animation combined with live action to describe products

Sharing information according to the viewer’s interest will give an impressive new lead. Such videos are also used to train team members to sell products and express their thoughts in a much more impressive way.

#5 Used for customer retention

Customer retention AD from Apple

Retaining customers, building relationships, and trust is another vital thing that every business needs. Indeed, it’s challenging, but by creating educational and engaging videos, you can easily retain the customers and establish a personal relationship. If you use it for the purpose of training, it will make it easy for people to learn complex things in a much simpler and effective way.

So, if you want to increase the number of satisfied customers, start educating them in an engaging way.

Are you excited to know about different ways to use such videos that help in sharing knowledge productively? Continue reading…..

Where can we use animation mixed with Live action videos

Now, let’s walk through the ways to use animation mixed with live-action videos.

Include video in landing page

The website landing page is one of the best ways to educate people and showcase your company. Having an informative and attractive video on the website will help you summarize the product/service and grab the visitor’s attention.

Whenever you add video on the landing page, make sure you place it above the fold, so that your website visitors do not miss to see such effective video. Also, choose a good thumbnail to generate visitors’ curiosity.

Use the video on social media

For educating more people with animation videos combined with live-action videos, you can also upload them on different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. There are around 3.5 billion people who are actively using social media. So, if you want to attract and educate more people at once, you can start uploading it on social channels.

Use the video in blogs

You can also use videos in your blogs to educate people and rank your website in the top searches of google. Having such engaging videos in the middle of the country will give a refreshing break to the readers, which will not only help them get in-depth information but also reduce the bounce rate.

Whenever you add video in a blog, make sure the video content and blog text are relevant to each other. It will boost your traffic and help people understand the concept more easily.

Incorporate the video in emails

According to the statistics, emails having videos are 53% more likely to open as compared to others. It not only generates the interest of the readers but also inspires them to make an informed decision. So, you can also use such educational, inspiring and attractive videos to hit the business targets

The Last Say

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you understand how and where animation with live-action videos can be used to educate the people and achieve business goals. Now, it’s your time to take a step ahead and make the decisions.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and get ready to create such videos that streamline your business goals and figure out the success. Still, if you have any second thoughts, don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below.